How To Download Facebook Videos For Free Without Software 2019

Facebook is a very popular social site, and it has got its popularity due to its best user experience it provides to its users, the feature to upload images and video is the best. Sometimes our friends, relatives or any other upload some amazing pictures and we download them quickly to use in future, but there is nothing for download Facebook videos directly as we can download pictures. So how can one download Facebook videos easily?
There are many programs (Software) available in the market some of them come with trails, and most of them are paid. The free programs to download videos are not work for Facebook then how can one download Facebook videos.
If you have the same problems, then follow this full article, and you will be able to download Facebook videos easily.
download facebook video
Nowadays websites are replacing the need of software. You will have noticed that there are many tool available on the Internet to perform different task online. For example photo editor tools were installed on computers to edit a picture but now there are many websites are available to edit the photos online for example Befunky,
Pixlr and Free Online Photo Editor etc. in the same way you do not have any need to install any software on your computer to download Facebook videos, instead, you can use any online website to download your Facebook videos easily.
Best Websites to Download Facebook videos Online
Fb Down is a good online tool to download Facebook videos copy the video URL which you want to download. Open paste the URL is the respective field in FBDOWN and click on Download button. That’s it now you can download your video on your computer without using any external software or any modification to URL of video.
Download Videos From
Download Videos From is another popular site to download Facebook videos online. Paste the URL of the video in the URL field select the format and quality of video and click on the Download button that’s it your video will be downloaded.
Down Facebook
Down Facebook is a good site for downloading Facebook videos in a fast speed. The best feature of this site is you can also use Private Video Downloader to download private videos.
Filevid can be used to download Facebook Videos with high quality. The working principle of this site is also same as others.
Here is a list of websites which you can use to download Facebook videos online.
Download Facebook Videos By Changing Video URL
This method is based on the Facebook video ID. In this process, we will use a link provided by the Facebook to download the Video by the video ID. Just follow the following steps:-
  1. Log in to your Facebook account and select the video which you want to download.
  2. Start playing the video, when the video will start you will notice that the URL of the Facebook will be changed with the Video ID of the video. For clear understanding look at the screen shots.
  3. Copy the below URL in a notepad and replace the 123456789 with your video ID.
  4. URL to copy:   (Note: here “123456789” will be replaced with your Video ID)
  5. Make it like this:   (Note:  “1190626124289321” is the real video ID.)
  6. Copy the new URL and paste it into your browser and press enter. The video will be download on your PC.
  7. This is an easy and simple method to download Facebook video quickly if you found this hard or have other problem then you can head to the next one.
Download Facebook Videos By Changing Device Type
This method is also based on changing the URL, but here we are not going to download the video by the VIDEO ID, in fact, we will download the video by changing the type of our device i.e. from PC to Android (Don’t worry it is very easy).
To download your favorite Facebook videos by changing the device type just follow the following steps:-
  1. Log in to your Facebook account and select the video which you want to download.
  2. Play the video and copy the video URL.
  3. Paste the URL in a notepad.
  4. Replace the “www” of the video with a single “m”.
  5. Copy the new URL and paste that into your browser and press enter.
  6. The video will start playing in mobile device mode.
  7. Right-click on the video and then select “Save As” from the new menu.
  8. In the new dialogue enter the name and type of the video and press enter key. Your video will start downloading.
So, friends, these were some simple but easy methods to download Facebook video easily through your computer without any software or tool. I hope that you enjoy the article, and now you can download the Facebook videos easily from your computer without using any paid or free software.